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Freematics ONE+ HD (Heavy Duty) Preview

Freematics ONE+ HD will be the next variant of ONE+ targeting heavy duty vehicles (trucks, buses) with HD-OBD (Heavy Duty OBD) connector and J1939 support.

HD-OBD (Heavy Duty OBD) Connector

The library for ONE+ has been updated and testing sketch included for J1939 data monitoring.

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GUI update for Freematics OBD-II Emulator

We have just released a minor update for the GUI software of Freematics OBD-II Emulator. In this release, emulator’s VIN (persistent) is automatically read and displayed on the GUI. There are some other bug-fixes for DTC setting. Please note the GUI is now built with Visual Studio 2019 so there is no more Windows XP compatibility.

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Testing dashboard for Freematics ONE+

You may have noticed, with the latest code of Telelogger loaded by Freematics Builder, you will see a testing dashboard for your Freematics ONE+. The dashboard’s Javascript code is with Telelogger. It is sketch specific and can be easily altered. Just something fun and may also be a bit useful.

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Telelogger for Freematics ONE+ upgraded

Telelogger is one of the reference firmwares for Freematics ONE+ which turns the hardware into a vehicle data logger and telemeter working with Freematics Hub. Recently the code got a major upgrade, with data collection/logging and network transmission implemented as separate tasks (threads), linked with a sizable circular buffer, so network outrage will no longer block data logging and collected data can be kept for a while for later transmission. Other benefits include faster startup and higher data throughput. Freematics ONE+ users feel free to upgrade from code in github.

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Introducing Freematics Hub Service

Freematics Hub Service has been online for a while as a free cloud service for Freematics ONE+ developers to quickly test the connected vehicle telemetry hardware. It is based on the open-source Freematics Hub server software and allows users to easily access to live data collected from vehicle remotely as well as to review and analyze vehicle’s history routes and trip data. Freematics Hub provides REST API for access to live/history vehicle data. Freematics Hub Service provided with a set of web-based UI built on the API.

Home Screen

The home page of Freematics Hub Service consists of shortcuts to various features. A blank in the middle is where user enters device ID or E-mail (with pre-created account). It is most straight-forward to use device ID to start. The device ID is a unique string to identify a device and can be found in the serial output of Freematics ONE+ running telelogger. You can tick “Save My Info” to make it persistent with cookie for easy access next time. With that, click/tap on one of shortcut buttons one of below features.

  • Live Data – to remotely view real-time vehicle data and location
  • Trip Browser – to review vehicle’s history routes and data
  • Parking Meter – a simple parking location and time display (best view on mobile phone)
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CAN bus sniffing APIs added for Freematics ONE+

We have just added CAN bus sniffing APIs to the Arduino library for Freematics ONE+. A simple CAN bus sniffing example sketch is also added.

CAN sniffing example sketch running from Freematics Builder
CAN sniffing example sketch running from PlatformIO

CAN sniffing is interesting if you are have some insider information or good at reverse engineering, so some vehicle data outside the scope of standard OBD-II PIDs can be extracted.

Another product supporting CAN sniffing at the moment is Freematics OBD-II UART Adaper V2.1. This post has some information about the AT commands for CAN sniffing.

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New year get new gears

New year is really approaching and we are giving out special discounts for your new kits and gears to play with in the year of 2019. New year resolution? What about driving into the world of vehicle telematics and open-source hardware? That’s good and we will always be here to support you. Happy new year everyone from Sydney Australia!

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GNSS antenna for SIM5360

We now supply external GNSS antenna (SMA interface) for SIM5360 cellular module when you order Freematics ONE+. Using SIM5360’s internal GNSS is more cost-effective than standalone M8030 solution when 1Hz update rate and slightly longer satellite locking time are acceptable.

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