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Happy Easter!

Our Easter sale is in progress! Discounts are all over the front page of our online store. While grabbing some bargains, please allow us to enjoy a prolonged Easter holiday. Orders placed from now will be shipped from 24th of April, first in first serve. Thanks for loving our products.

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Freematics ONE+ now supports LTE-M and NB-IoT with SIM7070G

We have released SIM7070G in xBee form factor that works with Freematics ONE+ Model A. Support for SIM7070 has been added to the Arduino library for ONE+. Please note that only HTTPS works at the moment.

SIM7070 series is SIMCOM’s latest lower cost LPWA module which supports wireless communication modes of CAT-M/CAT-NB/GPRS/EDGE. SIM7070G is designed for global market with a wide range of supported LTE bands.

SIM7070 is now supplied as one of optional cellular modules with Freematics ONE+ Model A.

Freematics ONE+ Model A also comes with SIM7600A-H and SIM7600E-H, SIMCOM’s high speed LTE CAT4 modules.

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Freematics App

We are developing a new App that aims to work with a variety of Freematics products via BLE. With a versatile design, it is capable to support our new hardware products to be released in the future. Currently the Android version is ready for Freematics OBD Emulator MK2 and the iOS version will come online a bit later.

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ESP32-C3 RISC-V in Arduino UNO form factor

We are pleased to release new Freematics Esprit development board which features ESP32-C3 the new RISC-V WiFi/Bluetooth SoC from Espressif. Similar to previous generation in board layout, the new Esprit board has a USB-C port and onboard ESP32 chip and WiFi/BT antenna.

This board is perfect to use with Arduino core for ESP32.

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Skyrocketing chip prices

Chip prices have been skyrocketing and there is still no sign of going back to normal. Prices of automotive grade micro-controllers have almost ten-folded, 9-axis motion sensors tripled, CAN transceivers doubled. As a countermeasure, we have raised production batch volume to trade off for a better unit price. However, we still have to raise prices for several products in order to be sustainable. Some kits will be discontinued due to small volumes. We might also be forced to downgrade motion sensor from ICM-20948 to MPU6050 in Freematics ONE+ from next manufacture batch as the former is not only unaffordable but also difficult to source now. We are trying everything possible to keep supply of our products in this ever crazy world.

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New SIM7600-H 4G LTE CAT4 modules in XBee form factor released

SIM7600A-H/SIM7600E-H 4G LTE CAT4 modules in XBee form factor are designed for Freematics ONE+ Model A which features an XBee interface. With an onboard micro USB port, the modules can work as 4G LTE modem for any types of systems with USB. With SIM7600 USB drivers installed, multiple serial ports will be popped up for AT command-set, GNSS NMEA data and firmware upgrade purpose. Dual cellular antenna connectors (IPEX) and one GNSS antenna connector (IPEX) are available.

They are ready to be ordered from our online store now.

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Freematics ONE+ now supports heavy duty vehicles with SAE J1939

Freematics ONE+ Model H is ready for order. In addition to all features from Model B, the new variant comes with HD-OBD connector for heavy duty vehicles (24V system voltage) and supports SAE J1939 data sniffing. Example Arduino sketch is available.

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Business as usual

Under current COVID-19 lockdown in Australia, we will still keep business as usual as we operate as an online business and logistics is still working well. It is highly recommended for customers to choose DHL Express as shipping method as standard shipping (DHL eCommerce or Australia Post international shipping) may be significantly delayed due to massive passenger flights cancellation. Please understand there could be one day delay on dispatching because we want to help our DHL driver come less often for pickup to reduce their workload.

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