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Freematics OBD-II Adapter V2 sample completed

After our first Kickstarter campaign was over, we have been keeping up pushing the project Freematics forward, though the goal of the campaign wasn’t reached. The sample of Freematics OBD-II Adapter V2 is now under testing. The V2 has several changes and improvements. The most important one is the GPS support. One serial UART of STM32 was led out to 4 pins for connecting GPS module. The STM32 processor will process the NMEA data input from the connected GPS module and parse it. We have extended ELM327 AT command-set to provide access to the parsed data. The added commands are:

  • ATBR1 <baudrate> – setting serial baudrate for AT command line interface (default 38400bps)
  • ATBR2 <baudrate> – setting GPS serial baudrate (first setting turns on GPS parsing)
  • ATGRR – retrieving raw data (NMEA) from GPS module (once a complete line)
  • ATSGC – sending GPS command (mainly for changing GPS module paramteres)

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Arduino OBD-II library gets updated

This maintenance update mainly fixed the library’s compatiblity issue with Arduino Leonardo and other ATMega32U4 based new boards. The folder structure has also some adjustments. The shield library files which demo sketches use are now placed in their sub-folders respectively. A new demo sketch was added in the release package (source code) which drives a tiny cool OLED module to make a dashboard for the car. The module can be ordered here.



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Arduino OBD-II adapter now available in DFRobot Store

If you want to pick up more Arduino goodies together with the Arduino OBD-II UART adapter, now you can order it in DFRobot Store, one of the biggest online Arduino and robotic merchant in the world.


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