Building for Freematics ONE+ with ESP-IDF

Telelogger ESP-IDF package integrates telelogger, Arduino library for Freematics ONE+ and ESP32 Arduino core and can be configured and built from the command-line interface of ESP-IDF, ESP32’s software development environment, giving users full control over how firmware is built for Freematics ONE+.

A configuration page dedicated to telelogger is inserted in the configuration system.

To enter the configuration system, use following command from ESP-IDF command-line. menuconfig

Once configured, complete firmware image can be built with following command. build

If successful, firmware can be uploaded to Freematics ONE+, running and its serial output monitored with following command. -p [serial port] flash monitor
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Using Freematics ONE and ONE+ with Freematics Controller App

Whether you know or not, you can use Freematics ONE+ and Freematics ONE with our Android and iOS app named Freematics Controller. Freematics ONE+ has a BLE capable micro-controller ESP32 and Freematics ONE has a BLE module CC2541. Both of them are able to communicate with an Android or iOS mobile device wirelessly via BLE.

Freematics ONE+ and Freematics Controller App

A BLE SPP server is implemented in the Arduino library for Freematics ONE+. The datalogger code has demonstrated use of two APIs (ble_recv_command and ble_send_response) provided to perform BLE SPP communication with app. Follow the steps below to see them working.

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TeleHub motorsports telemetry platform

Telehub is a motorsports telemetry platform built on Freematics Hub. Here is a quick guide for Freematics ONE+ owners to get started with the feature-rich platform. More guides can be found on Team Plus support page.

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Introducing Freematics Hub Service

Freematics Hub Service has been online for a while as a free cloud service for Freematics ONE+ developers to quickly test the connected vehicle telemetry hardware. It is based on the open-source Freematics Hub server software and allows users to easily access to live data collected from vehicle remotely as well as to review and analyze vehicle’s history routes and trip data. Freematics Hub provides REST API for access to live/history vehicle data. Freematics Hub Service provided with a set of web-based UI built on the API.

Home Screen

The home page of Freematics Hub Service consists of shortcuts to various features. A blank in the middle is where user enters device ID or E-mail (with pre-created account). It is most straight-forward to use device ID to start. The device ID is a unique string to identify a device and can be found in the serial output of Freematics ONE+ running telelogger. You can tick “Save My Info” to make it persistent with cookie for easy access next time. With that, click/tap on one of shortcut buttons one of below features.

  • Live Data – to remotely view real-time vehicle data and location
  • Trip Browser – to review vehicle’s history routes and data
  • Parking Meter – a simple parking location and time display (best view on mobile phone)
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Vehicle tracking system on a Linux box with Freematics Hub and Freematics ONE+

This guide will help you to set up your own vehicle tracking system with open-source software and hardware which has potential for development of your own vehicle telematics application.


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Users Guide for Arduino Telematics Kits

Arduino Telematics Kits are designed to putting up a data logging and monitoring device with OBD-II, GPS and motion sensor data access.  This users guide contains information to get start with the kit and the Arduino sketch designed and provided for them.

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Freematics Vehicle Data Logger Users Guide

Freematics Vehicle Data Logger is a programmable device with OBD-II and GPS accessibility. Inside it is an AVR ATMega328P (compatible with Arduino UNO) and peripherals accessible with Arduino libraries including voltmeter, accelerometer, gyroscope, temperature sensor, microSD seat and Bluetooth (BLE and SPP) module.

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