Freematics Vehicle Data Logger is a hardware device capable of logging and transmitting a car’s mechanic data, motion data and GPS coordinates over Internet (2G/3G/WIFI).

In addition to real-time monitoring, through data mining, some useful information can be extracted for car rental/sharing industry.

  • Driving distance and duration daily/weekly/monthly or within a specific period of time
  • Parking locations and duration
  • Aggressive driving (accelerating, braking) incidents and locations
  • Long-time idling incidents and locations
  • Violent body shocking incidents (possible accidents)
  • Speeding, overtime parking and other violations (requires local road data)
  • Use of toll roads (requires local road data)
  • Geo-fencing

The data logger device embeds a WCDMA/GSM module and requires a data SIM card for sending data over Internet. The device can be directly plugged into car’s standard OBD-II port or installed out of visual.

A web-based portal or mobile phone App can be customized for monitoring and viewing vehicle real-time and historical data anywhere anytime.