Freematics OBD-II UART Adapter V2.1 coming soon

Freematics OBD-II UART Adapter V2 has been upgraded. The new V2.1 is completely compatible with V2 and has several enhancements including:

  • 9-DOF motion sensor (instead of 6-DOF)
  • Built-in 9-DOF quanterion algorithm for orientation detection
  • New AT commands for reading calculated pitch, yaw, roll values
  • Plugable serial cable (easier for using as a USB adapter)

The new version will start to ship in no more than 2 weeks time from now. Meanwhile, the V2 is out of stock but you can still place order for them and we will ship V2.1 instead when the stock come.

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Cellular network with SIM5360 WCDMA module on ESP32

Freematics Esprit is an Arduino compatible dev board based on Espressif ESP32, an ARM core SoC with built-in WIFI and BLE. The board has an xBee seat for additional communication module. With a SIM5360 be module plugged in, the board can connect to Internet via cellular network when WIFI is unavailable. This post will demonstrate how to access Internet (HTTP GET) via cellular network with ESP32 and SIM5360.

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Freematics Hub for Ubuntu Linux is released

Some release notes.

  • Binaries are built and tested on Ubuntu Linux 17.04
  • Electron is contained and used as GUI engine
  • Port 8080 and 8081 are used for TCP and UDP by default
  • You may need to make privilege settings if not run as root
  • Data is stored in data directory by default
  • GUI and server are launched together by shell script

To download or learn more, please head for the page of Freematics Hub.

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Updating STM32 firmware of Freematics ONE

Freematics ONE uses a STM32 chip as co-processor to ATmega328p for access to data from OBD, GPS and communication module. If for some reason you want to update the firmware of STM32, here is a quick guide for how to do it.

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Setting up your own vehicle tracking system with Freematics ONE

This article will guide you through the simple steps to set up your own vehicle telemetry system with any computer (e.g. a PC) and some knowledge about Arduino.


A vehicle tracking system allows one or more vehicles to be monitored in real-time from a user terminal (computer or mobile device).

Telemetry Data Server

Freematics Hub is a free light-weight telemetry data server which receives, caches, stores and illustrates data received from telemetry devices. Designed with efficiency and portability in priority, it runs on systems of any footprint, servers, desktops or a SBCs like Raspberry Pi. The computer running the software, however, must have inbound WAN access, in other word, an IP address accessible from Internet. This depends on broadband companies. If you deploy the server software on a virtual private server in the cloud, then this is not an issue. Two ports are used by Freematics Hub, 8080 for HTTP and 8081 for UDP. The ports must be unblocked for access.

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Free telematics server software for everyone

Freematics Hub is a free telematics server software that is based on the design of Freematics Hub and is perfect for use with Freematics ONE+ (and literally any programmable telematics devices). It runs on any computer and turns it into a telematics data center that receives and stores data from remote telematics devices through cellular network, WIFI or even USB. Live data and geographic locations are stored as local files and instantly displayed on a concept user interface. More importantly, the software running as a server provides a set of REST APIs for access live and history data for further development.

We will release the software together with Freematics ONE+ shortly.

UPDATE (July 3rd): Beta version now available for downloading!

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Bringing OBD-II vehicle data logger to next level

We are working intensively on the next generation of Freematics ONE (namely Freematics ONE+) with Espressif ESP32 as main controller which boosts the device with 240Mhz dual core processing power, 520KB RAM, 16MB flash as well as WIFI and BLE connectivity. 2G and 3G modules are still plug-in as xBee module. There will be integrated GPS receiver while the socket for external GPS receiver is still kept and can be programmatically configured for generic digital/analog I/O as well. This will truly make the vehicle data logger the Swiss army knife for vehicle telematics project. Stay tuned!

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Arduino Builder updated with support for ESP32

Our Arduino Builder has just been updated. It is now built on Electron and supports compiling/uploading Arduino sketches for ESP32 (the core of upcoming Freematics products) in additional to traditional AVR based boards.

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