Freematics ONE+ Model B got a refresh

After being around for years, Freematics ONE+ Model B has got a refresh recently. It now comes with SIM7070G LTE-M module. LTE-M gives a longer range, lower latency, lower power consumption, full mobility and roaming support, which makes it ideal for automotive applications that operate across multiple regions. SIM7070G has global LTE and GSM network support. Comparing to SIM7600, it has no UMTS support meaning it has a limitation in areas which rely on 3G network (no 4G or 2G coverage, like some rural areas in Australia). Model H still uses SIM7600.

The Arduino library for Freematics ONE+ has been updated for application code to support both SIM7600 and SIM7070 effortlessly. Now same code can work with SIM7600 and SIM7070 without pre-configuration as cellular module is automatically identified at runtime. The telelogger (reference application code) has been significantly improved with iOS/Android app support via BLE and seamless WiFi/cellular network switching. By the way, Freematics Builder is still your best helper to use telelogger.

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Using Freematics ONE and ONE+ with Freematics Controller App

Whether you know or not, you can use Freematics ONE+ and Freematics ONE with our Android and iOS app named Freematics Controller. Freematics ONE+ has a BLE capable micro-controller ESP32 and Freematics ONE has a BLE module CC2541. Both of them are able to communicate with an Android or iOS mobile device wirelessly via BLE.

Freematics ONE+ and Freematics Controller App

A BLE SPP server is implemented in the Arduino library for Freematics ONE+. The datalogger code has demonstrated use of two APIs (ble_recv_command and ble_send_response) provided to perform BLE SPP communication with app. Follow the steps below to see them working.

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ESP32 Arduino OBD Kit refreshed

Our ESP32 Arduino OBD Kit has been refreshed with new ESPRIT-C3. Demo code can be compiled and uploaded with Freematics Builder or Arduino IDE flawlessly. Just make sure to put libraries in place when you use Arduino IDE.

The kit is on promotional sale at the moment with a 20% discount. Grab one now!

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Happy Holidays

Christmas and new year holidays are around the corner. We will keep dispatching orders till mid-day of 24 Dec 2021 (AEST). All orders placed afterwards will be dispatched from 7 Jan 2022. First in first served. We are committed and looking forward to providing the community and industry our unique range of sustainable open-source telemetry products in 2022. Happy holidays and stay safe!

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Freematics Builder has got a refresh

The highlight of this update is the support for RISC-V based ESP32-C3. With more products based on this new SoC rolling out soon, Freematics Builder has got a refresh just in time. Meanwhile, we have ESPRIT-C3 which is a ESP32-C3 based dev board for you to play with.

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Telelogger release package for use with ESP-IDF

This release package contains Telelogger, FreematicsPlus library and ESP32 Arduino core 2.0.0 in form of ESP-IDF component. It allows developers to build for and upload to ESP32/ESP32-C3 based Freematics products from ESP-IDF command line environment to get the best of the versatile build system.

Download and read instructions from github.

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OBD-II Emulator MK2 Firmware Update

This update includes a bugfix for KWP2000 protocol. Please download the latest GUI software package to update firmware. Please note the update is only applicable to emulator without J1850 protocols.

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Freematics ONE+ now supports LTE-M and NB-IoT with SIM7070G

We have released SIM7070G in xBee form factor that works with Freematics ONE+ Model A. Support for SIM7070 has been added to the Arduino library for ONE+. Please note that only HTTPS works at the moment.

SIM7070 series is SIMCOM’s latest lower cost LPWA module which supports wireless communication modes of CAT-M/CAT-NB/GPRS/EDGE. SIM7070G is designed for global market with a wide range of supported LTE bands.

SIM7070 is now supplied as one of optional cellular modules with Freematics ONE+ Model A.

Freematics ONE+ Model A also comes with SIM7600A-H and SIM7600E-H, SIMCOM’s high speed LTE CAT4 modules.

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