Freematics ONE now comes with MPU-9250

Freematics ONE now comes with MPU-9250 MEMS sensor! The supporting Arduino library and example sketches (in Github) have been updated for 9-axis MEMS data access. To order Freematics ONE with MPU-9250, make sure to choose MPU-9250 in MEMS option on the order page.

Code clip of accessing MEMS data.

int acc[3]; // accelerometer data
int gyr[3]; // gyroscope data
int mag[3]; // magnetometer data
int temp; // device temperature (in 0.1 celcius degree)
if (memsRead(acc, gyr, mag, &temp)) {
  // success
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MegaLoggerHD is released

MegaLoggerHD is a reworked version of MegaLogger which targets at the new Telematics Shield with 3.5″ LCD of 480×320 resolution designed for our OBD-II Telematics Advanced Kit. It supports both Freematics OBD-II I2C Adapter and UART Adapter V2 (by switching in config.h). The code has just been committed to github. This is the initial revision. Subsequent improvements will be followed.


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OBD Readiness Monitors added in Freematics OBD-II Emulator GUI

Freematics OBD-II Emulator GUI updated with newly added control interface for OBD Readiness Monitors which allows you to control what kind of OBD readiness results your OBD-II device can fetch from Freematics OBD-II Emulator.

Download latest Freematics OBD-II Emulator GUI

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New 3.5″ LCD shield for Telematics Advanced Kit

The new 3.5″ LCD shield for our Telematics Advanced Kit is released! This time we teamed up with DFRobot​ to bring our fans higher quality hardware design and build.

kit3-lcd35-2 kit3-lcd35-1

The new hardware can be ordered now with the kit. Click here to head for the online store.

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Using ESP8266 WIFI bee with Freematics ONE

Freematics ONE is an Arduino UNO in the form of OBD-II dongle with an xBee socket inside that allows Freematics ONE to get different wireless communication capability by various xBee modules. Today let’s show how a ESP8266 WIFI bee module gives Freematics ONE WIFI connectivity.

F-ONE_ESP8266_3 F-ONE_ESP8266_4

To communication with xBee module in the socket, it is recommended to use xBee APIs (function names begin with xb) provided by our library. This test sketch initiates ESP8266, joins a WIFI network (with correct SSID and password set) and communicates with a remote server with HTTP GET. It runs like following. Here is ESP8266 AT command set for a reference.


Update (9 May)

A more comprehensive and well commented Arduino sketch for Freematics ONE with ESP8266 WIFI module is available here.

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Freematics ONE at a Closer Look

The hardware development of Freematics ONE is finalized and first batch of 500pcs has been manufactured and is now being tested. Since many have expressed interest in the new product, we hereby publish some close look pictures and details of it.



  • STM32 based OBD-II solution (CAN BUS, K-line, NMEA parsing)
  • Compatible with Arduino UNO/Bluno (ATmega328p main controller)
  • STM32 and ATmega328p connected by SPI
  • TI CC2540 based BLE & USB connectivity
  • MPU-6050 MEMS module (accelerometer, gyroscope, temperature sensors)
  • Built-in xBee socket for exchangeable wireless communication modules (GSM, WIFI, xBee)
  • SIM800L xBee module with self-popping micro SIM socket
  • Self-popping microSD slot with cover
  • Molex connector for external GPS receiver
  • Enclosure dimensions: 60x48x20mm



  • Powered from OBD-II port (low power consumption)
  • Programmable as an Arduino UNO (sketch uploaded via USB or BLE)
  • Rapid access to OBD-II PIDs (including VIN)
  • Reading and clearing trouble code (DTC)
  • Measuring G-force with accelerometer
  • Measuring battery voltage with built-in voltmeter
  • BLE wireless communication with iOS and Android devices
  • WIFI and cellular network support (by xBee modules)
  • High update rate GPS positioning (by external GPS receiver)
  • microSD data storage up to 32GB
  • Upgrading OBD-II solution firmware via USB


If you are a developer, you may have interest to take a look at the open-source reference firmware (a.k.a sketch) that is still being developed.

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Freematics ONE is coming soon!

This will push the bond between open-source hardware and vehicle telematics to next level! Please stay tuned for update.


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2,000th shipment dispatched today

Today we dispatched our 2,000th shipment. It has been just 2 years for Freematics to grow from a hobby project about OBD-II and Arduino exhibited on a stall at Maker Faire to a series of products shipped worldwide on daily basis. A big thank you to all our customers around the globe for your trust! It just feels so good to create something that is needed by many people. The most exciting thing is not about the past but about the new ideas we have on our new products. Just can’t stop moving forward!

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